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Hobbies To Pursue At the Laundromat

While some people seem to turn going to the laundromat into a chore, others seem to have a blast doing their laundry. So, what's the difference between these people? The trick is to take something along so you'll have fun at the laundromat! Some people take along a book or they flip through magazines or the newspaper to pass the time. However, people don't seem to get as much pleasure out these activities as they do when they take along a favorite hobby. In fact, going to the laundromat can give you the time you need to start a new hobby that you've been wanting to try or give you time to practice an old hobby. Here are a few suggestions of hobbies you can pursue at the laundromat:

Needlepoint, Crocheting, and Embroidery Sewing circles have become very popular because sewing is an activity that calms your nerves but leaves you free to socialize with others while you're doing it. Once you start a needlepoint, crocheting, and embroidery project, it is an easy hobby to put in a bag and take along to the laundromat. It will also leave you free to talk with other people or interact with your kids.

Origami Origami is another hobby that seems to clear the mind and relieve stress. Community colleges and recreational centers often offer classes on origami. You can also find plenty of books on this art form at your local library. The figures you fold can be given to others to make instant new friends at the laundromat. It's also an activity that people seem to have a natural curiosity for and you can make friends just by taking extra paper along and showing others how to fold a masterpiece!

Birdwatching Birdwatching is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the United States. Now, you may be thinking, "Uh, how am I going to watch birds at the laundromat?!" Your time at the laundromat gives you an excellent opportunity to study your field guides to learn the differences between the various birds you'll be seeing. You can study their relative shapes and sizes, the color patterns of their plumages, their bill pattern, and learn more about their seasonal distribution and habitat(s). The more you get into birdwatching, the more time you'll spend indoors studying up on birds!

Jewelry Making If you get the right kind of organizer for your supplies, you'll be able to take your jewelry making hobby on the road! You may also want to put together a "travel size" jewelry making kit especially for going to the laundromat and other places where you'll have limited space such inside hotel rooms when you travel.

Creative Writing Whether it's poetry or prose, changing your environment can often give you the inspiration you need for creative writing. This is why so many writers hang out in coffeeshops and bars! The laundromat has just as much promise for observing interesting people and letting the various sounds all blend together into a background "music" that will alter your thoughts and make the words flow. The laundromat can also be a great place to write some creative handwritten letters.

Making Fly Fishing Flies Making your own fly fishing flies is the perfect blend of art and science. You can use yarn, feathers, twigs, wire, dryer lint, and even the loose threads removed from your clothing and linens! If you work on your fly fishing flies at the laundromat, you should expect others to be curious about what you are doing and come along to ask questions. Therefore, this is the perfect hobby to pursue if you want to find some new fishing partners or just enjoy shooting the breeze while your clothes get clean.

Traveling Okay, you're likely asking yourself, "How can I travel while I'm at the laundromat?" Well, half the fun of traveling is researching the place(s) you will be visiting. Thus, bring along some brochures, travel books, and maps and explore your destination(s) and dream about what you'll be doing there and along the way. You may also run into people at the laundromat that have already traveled to the places you plan to visit who can give you some valuable tips you would never find in a brochure!

Final Thoughts Besides the examples above, there are thousands of other hobbies you could pursue at the laundromat. You could practice your sketching, put together geocache boxes, oil your baseball glove, practice a magic trick, or study strategies for winning at chess or other board games! Whatever hobby you choose to pursue, it will make going to the laundromat a fun and pleasurable experience.

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