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Tips on choosing the best laundromat in your area

Make Sure the Laundromat Is Cleaned Frequently

Cleanliness is the most obvious sign that the laundromat owner takes pride in the place and you'll get good service! On the most practical side, clean washing machines and clean dryers mean your clothes won't end up with mysterious new stains or spots on them! They'll also be free of funky odors. If the folding areas of a laundromat are not kept clean, they are essentially useless because who wants to put their freshly cleaned clothes on a dirty surface! Spills on the floor can also create slippery dangerous conditions, not only for you, but for your kids if you need to bring them along. Lastly, a clean laundromat is a much more pleasant experience which can make the "chore" of doing laundry not seem like work you dread to do.


Looking for a Laundromat?


Make Sure the Laundromat is Well-Maintained


The last thing you want to see when you walk into a laundry is a lot of broken machines with out of order signs! If you're like most people who do laundry at a laundromat, you are probably doing several loads at a time and that means you'll need several machines, all in good working order. The best laundromats keep their machines in tip-top shape because this is the backbone of their business as it pleases their customers!


How Modern Are the Machines?


When you walk into a laundromat, you want to see rows of high quality modern machines! If the washing machines look ancient, they may not be able to clean your clothes to your satisfaction. If the dryers are old, they may not dry your clothes very well.


Do They Offer Mega Large Industrial Strength Front Loaders?


Having extra large industrial strength side loading washing machines available is really important for washing larger items like bedspreads, curtains, dog beds, bathroom rugs, and coats. In fact, many people who have a normal sized consumer end washer and dryer at home come to a laundromat to clean these types of items. Even if you can stuff your bedspread or down comforter into your home washer, if there's little to no space left, the soap and water will not get distributed well and your item(s) won't get clean.


Look For a Well Stocked Change Machine


We've all been there. You thought you brought enough change but you ended up having too many clothes to fit into the number of washers you thought you'd need... you suddenly need some extra change and you don't want to leave your laundry unattended while you go to the store to get some! Or... you may have enough change to feed the extra washing machine but then you don't have enough to dry your clothes! You may also find it a hassle to find a place that will give you a roll of quarters as fewer and fewer stores offer this nowadays. These are all good reasons to look for a laundromat that has a well stocked change machine.


Is the Laundromat Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week?


The best laundromats are open at all times because this gives their customers the most flexibility in when they can wash their clothes. There are many people who have to do their laundry in the evenings and they are often disappointed to find out their local laundromat doesn't allow a wash after 8:00-9:00 pm! Likewise, some people prefer to do their laundry early in the morning so they don't have to compete with as many people for washing machines and dryers. This is why when you search through Yelp reviews of laundromats, one of the top complaints you see is how limited the hours are!


Are There Plenty Of Folding Tables?


We've all gotten lazy at one point or another and not folded our clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer.... and we know what can happen when we don't fold our clothes right away! WRINKLES! The best laundromats will offer plenty of space to fold your laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer, even if you are sharing the place with several other people.


Are There Comfortable Places To Sit and Wait?

Doing laundry can take a couple hours or more, especially if you are doing multiple loads. This is why having comfortable places to sit and wait is essential. Comfortable outdoor seating is also a nice touch for when the weather is nice, as it often is in our beautiful state.





Is There Ample Parking?


Laundromats can get really busy at times so you need to make sure that you'll be able to find a good parking spot reasonably close to the door.


Is the Location Safe?


Your safety, and that of your kids if you bring them along, should be a top concern when selecting a laundromat. You want to pick one in a nice safe neighborhood where you aren't overly concerned about being mugged or worse! If you bring your kids along, you don't want to have to worry excessively about them if they run next door to buy a soda. If you do your laundry at night, be sure to look for a laundromat with good lighting in the parking lot and without shady characters hanging around.


Are the Prices Reasonable?


When comparing prices between laundromats, make sure you are considering all the tips above. The old expression, "you get what you pay for," may very well come into play. While you want to find reasonable prices, you may be willing to pay a little extra to use a laundromat that is spotless and has all the amenities you need and want.


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